"Fire Maple Song"
From the album _World_of_Noise_
Tabbed by Dan Reynolds([email protected])
This is the TAB to "Fire Maple Song" by Everclear (off of the album
Repeat a few times.

The main riff goes:
This is played during the verses.
The choruses go:
G# C# A E
Now I can't smile.
Turn away from the pain you don't want
turn them down to avoid them when they call
Strange words I heard a long, long time ago
I wish I could go back to a summertime
I knew more than twenty years ago,
Lay between the streets,
Lie underneath the maple tree.
Now I can't smile.
Lying down in the grass with the wind around us
as we'd smile and talk,
Listening to your grandma sing those country songs,
She'd tell us how thew maple turns to fire every four years,
We'd lie in the grass all summer just to watch the autumn come around
I can't smile
I can't smile
Now I live alone, and you're so far away,
Yeah I call you every year just around the holidays
I still see you in the night
Lying above me in the grass
I can't smile
Turn away from the pain you don't wan't
Turn them down to avoid them when they call
I can't believe this letter that says you've died
I think I'm gonna go back to that house in North Carolina,
Lie in the backyard,
Get drunk and let the leaves just bury me.
I can't smile

Not a happy song, but a good one nonetheless. I'm gonna start sending more
Everclear tabs to Nevada; if you know some, please do too.

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