****Road Not Taken**** (From the album "Road Not Taken" by Evans and Doherty)
I live in a warm and friendly city,
Happy with my life and what I do.
I've got a wife, she's gentle and so pretty
But come each month of May I think of you.
(Chorus:) Road not taken, line not crossed
I still love you, ah, but only just.
I remember scented summer evenings
Healthy, with those flowers in your hair,
Sipping cider on the steps at Mooney's,
Breathing in the music in the air.
Laughing, bravely dancing by the water,
Drinking creamy pints at Dhu Ceny'l
Drove a Honda 50 off the seawall:
A fifteen-year-old kid out of control.
Every year I meet up with my old love,
Memories that time cannot erase.
I recall each lovin', longin' moment
Every time I look into her face.
I will always be the wild and restless,
She is always what I would have been
Had I stayed and struggled in my hometown
Like all my friends, how I admire them.

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