Etoski-Undying Memories(1999)

I often think about the
Undying memories
They don't let me alone
even if everybody's gone

My undying memories

And if you ask yourself
why have I just done this
Ask your undying memories

It was long ago
when I was a child
everything was possible
because there were no
worries all around myself
We had fun
did things we never expected
but where's this all gone


When I think about the old times
I remember journies and
danish girls,of course
my classmates too
and stories of my grandpa
I've reached the all-time low
I've nothing any more
But i'm glad to have my
my undying memories


Years ago I thought
in a differnt way
We had fun with things
which seem senseless today
Now I'm sitting here and think
about things we laughed about
and the future which
which is hopefully as good as
my undying memories


Fade out

Copyright by Etoski(Robert Kostinger)

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