(c) Eterne 1993
The memory lingers, the melody haunting. Sweetened
caress, your body flaunted. Only my dreams, only my
flawed mind. Will bring you to me. I gazed upon
wonder. I tasted your fruit, nectar of the purest
form. Divinioty absolute. I am here desolate. You were
to be mine... etrenally mine. Your love torn from me.
I am deceased. No barriers to this worldy pain I
suffer again and again. Your beauty, wisdom, love...
extingushed as am I. Destroyed... deserted. Carried
on unsure tides. I have all time stretched before me.
With no gods above. Won't you hear my lament to a
love lost. A lament to my life soon to be lost.
Recorded and mixed by Julian Hill of the Whore of
Babylon at State of Art Studios, Bristol. Artwork
and layout by Samuel + CrimsonInk. ETERNE THANKS:
Sarah (Crawling Chaos Zine), Nicola, Niko (thanks
for the support), Justin (skinflick Productions),
Gobs and Shaun (WHORES!), Lee (Candlelight), Paul
Ramsell, Keith, Andy (AWOL), Mikko (Uriliah), Oli,
Neil Palmer (Rotting Ways), Andrew, Ian (Gravid
Rage) and everyone else who's helped us!

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