I am the gate, the key and the way
Deliver fullfilment through passionate pain
Such wonderous sights you will admire
Appreciate my desciplined desire
I'll reap your sorrow slowly
Inherit all experience
Perception and its conquest
Receive acquaintance absolute
In pleasures of the flesh
In essence of the most damned order
Of black configuration
Dark miracles that lie beyond
The thresholds of sensation
My liquid shadow seeping through
Penetrating every pore
Evasion of the blackest truth
To create the purest form
Let me free you from your carnal cage
To restructure your imperfect shape
Your lack of order does demand
The complex labour of my hands
I shall fill your curios mind
Through your empty and joyless eyes
I'll force your instincts open wide
To feel indulgence deep inside
You to me are everything
O splendour of demise
Transcendence of the dark design
So simple but precise
Infinite is my holy art

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