Fear ate my mind
Corroded my substance
Leaving me happily blind

For that what ascended
Might perish again
And for that what lies sunk
Maybe rises once again

Alien encroachment from the outside
From undefined dimensions
Lost within the night
The dreadful awaits and dreams in the depths
Desolational aura, the insane god's caress

An always distinct, disastrous scent
Putrefaction of centuries is omnipresent
This vortex of chaos grinds
Consciousness out of my mind

I saw the All-In-One and One-InAll
Where piscomorph perversities crawl
Where stridently whistling insanity
Praises all sickening sublimity

For that what ascended
Must perish again
And for that what lies sunk
Has to rise once again

Out of the Eons - Onto this world

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