Burn within me, pleasures
Feed my empty mind
Strengthen my desire
My perfect queen of night
And I'm receiving more
Than I bargained for
Dedication everymore
To the order of the sore
My own Satan
Oh sweet Satan
Say you love Satan
My own sweet Satan
Every man
And every woman is a star [AL I, 3]
Thou hast the right
To do thy will
None shall say nay [AL I, 42-3]
Slaves shall serve
Love is the law, love under will [AL I, 57]
Thrown onto this world
So unknown and unreal
And no-one seems to share
The emptiness I feel
Deep within my heart
The flame of prometheus burns
And I will swim against the tide
Until it turns!
Thou shalt not lead my way of life
Ride my soul onthrough the night

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