You wanna swim in the river
I wanna dance in the summer
You've always been the believer
I'm always left to wonder
The water is rushing so fast
I think it will take us under
Oh, what thought did you recall
That would make you say my name?
The water is so deep
A friend says "Don't go"
But my mouth betrays me
And says "Hold on"
And now I know
This is the pain of believing
(The danger is real)
And there's no easy way out
(How did I get here?)
You trust too much in my bravery
It's my safety you're taking
We're gonna drown in the river
I cannot swim any farther
My blood is pumping so fast
My heart and limbs underwater
And I reach and find your hand in mine
And they say you will be saved, but no
I pull and I pull and I pull
But your foot, it's anchored deep
Your face tells me you won't be free
I decided long ago
Never let your loved ones know
Who you really are, who you really are
People want the truth but never want the scars
And now I'm here
My brethren done
And I'm the one that's still lying
And you say it's gonna be okay
Over and over and over and over and over and over again...

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