3000 Miles
All My Heroes Were Junkies
All Things Being The Same
Angel In Manhattan
Autobiography Of A Pistol
Bring Me Backwards
Changing Your Name
Conversation With A Ghost
Deliver Me
Did Galileo Pray_
Did I Ever Know You
Don't Breathe
Friday Night
Here She Is
I Won't Cry Over You
I'm The One To Save
Jumpin' A Train
Just The Jester Fool
King Of 7th Avenue
Last At The Table
Last Call
Lay Your Wager Down
Live In The Now
Look At The Wind Blow
Looking For My Friends
Love's Too Familiar A Word
Maria's Beautiful Mess
Martyr's Lounge
Midnight Strikes Too Soon
Mrs. Jones
Never Lived At All
New Light On Your Halo
Paris In A Day
Say Something
Seize The Day
Self Portrait
She Loves A Girl
Sweet Mistakes
Take Me Down
The Ball Is Coming Down
The World Ain't Slowin' Down
Thin Man
Tornado Girl!
Translucent Soul
Trolley Car
When We Begin
Who Killed John Lennon