baby... please keep tellin' sweet lies
my mistake was lovin' u much more than ur lovin' me
even though u say dat ur heart is true
ur words sound kind of empty
well i suspect but i dun dare so cross ur heart 'n darlin' swear like da moon 'n da stars u'll always be there
*no, dun stop tellin' me sweet sweet lies
for u know my heart's gonna break
i guess dat's why they say ur love is blind
so keep on tellin' sweet lies
always seem like ur somewhere else
somewhere i just cannot reach
let's get back to the way love felt
cuz i dun wnna believe
that mu intuitions right
say u'll stay and save my life
say da love in ur heart wll be burnin' bright (Repeat *)
so if i'm a fool
if i'm lovin' a lie
or if i've gotta swallow my pride then it's a small sacrifice
(Repeat *)
so tell me baby there could be no other
dun break my heart
no i dun wanna suffer
i just need u baby to make it alright
baby, please keep tellin' sweet lies
swear it baby
swear u'll always be there
save my life and promise me u'll do it
say u'll stay 'n stay for all time
baby lease keep tellin' sweet lies.
(Repeat *).

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