Verse 1:
Frankie, dear, your birthday gift reveals to me
That at heart you're really not so bad.
If I add, y our funny face appeals to me.
Please dont' think I've suddenly gone mad.
You have all the qualities of Peter Pan;
I'd go far before I'd find a sweeter pan
And yet

I love your funny face,
Your sunny, funny face;
For you're a cutie
With more than beauty
You've got a lot
Of personality N.T.
A thousand laughs I've found
In having you around.
Through you're not Gloria Swanson,
For worlds I'd not replace
Your sunny, funny face.

Verse 2:
Needn't tell me that I'm not so pretty, dear,
When my looking glass and I agree,
In the contest at Atlantic City, dear,
Miss America I'd never be,
Truth to tell, though, you're not such a bad lot yourself;
As a Paul Swan, you are not so hot yourself.
And yet.

Refrain 2:
I love your funny face,
Your sunny, funny face;
You can't repair it,
So I declare it
Is quite all right -

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