For ages I have drifted
Through storms & mists of grey
With knowledge I`ve been gifted
& path to lead me way
Alone in realms of shadows
My solitude I seek
I poison therefore my arrow
& aim it at the weak

Silently I welcome
The glorious mis of dreams
Time to send the heroes home
Their and justify my means
Dawn of death,tears of chaos
Echoes in my mind
It pleased me,I am satisfied

Closing in on death`s desire
Through I am not alone
With me comes my fear & fire
& a destiny unknown
My twilight affects me
Drifting still in dreams
A gate appears in front of me
Weary visions floats in streams

Come my winds - My Dreamstorm
Soon shall I forever sleep
Pale have I become
Who shall for my fading weep
For faded I have done

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