Ghost on the street today • Doorways of Jackson Square • In tinsel and tap shoes • Mardi Gras beads in her hair • Down to the graveyard • She wrung out her hands • As if he will meet her • All day she stands • So don't leave me • And I know you're justified • So don't leave me • 'Cause a part of you in me died • We wish ourselves beautiful • We cry in the night • And it's not the love you feared • But the fall from the height • My personal ledges • Afraid to look down • My crepe paper bridges • Enough water to drown • Chorus • And I see the lonely souls • Searchin' • But before the heartbreak rose • Draw the curtain • I'm a ghost on the streets today • Surrounded by eyes • I feel them peer through me • And my harlequin disguise • If it makes you feel better • Come join me the while • And there's love in these open arms • Some love in my spirits' smiles . Chorus

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