Rolled in last night • To the dawn, the porch, and both our floodlights • No excuse • But we were having such a good time • Why, oh why • Can't I just walk the straight and narrow • So ashamed But I'll do it all again tomorrow • Maybe you're the only one that sees • Anything good about me Anything good about me • I found a friend • To get the number just to call you • Line was jammed I tried and tried, but could not get through • All these calls • To warn you of my scoundrel heart But these walls • And still they can't keep us apart • Chorus • And I promise to take care • And love you • If you promise to keep seeing • Anything good about me . And I swear sometimes • There's asphalt running through my veins • And let me go • And never ever pull my reins • And I'll return With cuts and bruises scarred but smarter • Lick my wounds • And try again but twice as hard • Chorus

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