Date: Tue, 06 Jan 1998 14:55:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric Jeschke
Subject: CRD: alive by Edwin McCain
- Alive -
by Edwin McCain from a 3/25/95 show in Alabama
E5 022400
E/G# 422400
Asus2 X02200
C# min X46654 -->X46444 *
B 224442
Asus2/D XX0200
Asus2/C# X4X200
Asus2/C X3X200
E5 (4 beats) Asus (4) C# min (4) E/G# (2)Asus (2) X 2
Verse 1 Same chords and times as Intro
E5 Asus
Al, he sells records down on old Saint Charlie Street
C# min E/G# Asus
He's cleaning up Fat Tuesday's mess, he keeps his sidewalks neat.
And he just lost his father, you know he just lost his wife
And if it wasn't for the music, couldn't get on with his life.
Chorus B (1.5 beats) Asus(2.5) E/G#(4) X2
-------- B (1.5 beats) Asus(2.5) E/G#(1.5) Asus(2.5) C#min(4)
E/G#(1.5) Asus(2.5)**
B Asus E/G#
But he knows what I know
B Asus E/G#
It's not all that hard to survive
B Asus E/G# Asus
You take the good and the bad and the time in between
C# min E/G# Asus**
lets us know.....................We're alive.
Verse chords once instrumental
Verse 2
Well now Bebe sings the gospel, Down on Bourbon she sings the blues
She plays on all my heartstrings, curls my toes up in my shoes
She knows what I'm after, chase my dreams with all my might
She says "You shouldn't be so anxious" and deep down I know she's right.
Chorus (with she in the first line)
Flute solo with verse chords three times
B(4 beats) E/G#(1.5) Asus(2.5)
Well, now get up on the Rocket, step right into the front car.
You know life's roller coaster, it ain't got no safety bar.(Same chords)
B(4 beats) E/G#(1.5) Asus(2.5)** Rest(2)
Raise your voices up with laughter, dream of men with one big star(?)
C#min(4) E/G#(1.5) Asus(2.5)**
Consecrated in the wonder..............................We're alive.
Flute solo with verse chords twice
Verse 3
Well now Norman he plays music, but only in my dreams
He plays with all the beauty that soulful music brings.
But sometimes he's a spectre and I wake up clenched with fear,
The lesson good or bad, he always keeps me clear.
Chorus (with he in first line)
Flute throughout
E5 (4 beats) Asus (4) C# min (4) E/G# (2)Asus (2)
We're alive (repeated) Adlib
E5 (4 beats) Asus/D (4) Asus2/C#(4) Asus2/C(1.5)Asus2/D(2.5) three times
E5 (4 beats) Asus/D (4) Asus2/C#(4) Asus2/C
* The regular C# min is strummed 3 times(1.5 beats) then the second form
is played (2.5 beats) Every time it is used it takes up 4 beats total
**Struck once and then rest to fill 2.5 beats
-Eric C Jeschke -
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