yeah i was right there-like the "littlewife"
i was evrything that you need-always in line
i was living you-loving you-filling your desires
but that was then-this is now-look me in the eyes

oh oh oh oh - if love could choose sides
oh oh oh oh - its taken mine [so]

get over yourself -goodbye
it must be hard to be you-yeah
living in your life
i was always the one to cry
now everything-everything-everything is all right

this just can't be it i kept telling myself
and every magazine said was me was on the shelf
i was givin out giving in giving way my dreams
while you put it in put me down now i found my self-esteem and

oh oh oh oh-you won't get me back
oh oh oh oh-think i overact[well]

so now you wanna talk
say let's do it just once more for luck
like old times make up
better yet just forget better get over yourself

so stay in touch
when you learn a few things about love
until then wake up
better yet better get better get over yourself
{repeat chorus}

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