I know what you're doing.
I see it all too clear.
I only taste the saline,
When I kiss away your tears.
You really had me going,
Wishing on a star.
The blackholes that surround you
Are heavier by far.
I believed in your confusion
So completely torn.
It must've been that yesterday
Was the day that i was born.
Not much to examine
Nothing left to hide.
You really can't be serious
If you have to ask me why.
I say good bye
Good bye.
Cause i am barely breathing.
I can't find the air.
I don't know what i'm getting
Imagining you care.
I could stand here waiting
A fool for another day.
I don't suppose it's worth the price,
The price that i would've paid.

Everyone keeps asking,
What's it all about?
I used to be so certain.
But I can't figure out,
What is this attraction?
I only feel the pain.
Nothing left to reason,
And only you to blame,
Will it ever change?


Come to find,
You may never know.
The changing mind,
Is it friend or foe?
The prize above,
I see below.
Everytime you come and go
Please don't come and go


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