Dum Dums-Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts

by [email protected]

Capo 4

G Dsus4 Em7 Dsus4 Cadd9 G/B A7sus4 Dsus4 x2

Verse w/intro
Why do you smile like that
When you look at me
When you know I can't have you
Why do your glances
Seem like advances
Is it just me man I think you're going crazy

Em B5
It aches in my heart
C5 A5
With my friends I'm always acting so cool
Em B5
But I would sell out
C5 D
If only to be closer to you
Cause there's nothing I can do

Chorus w/intro
I can't get you out of my thoughts
Or out of my heart and I know
I'm in love with you baby
Everything I do
Leads me back to you
You gotta know
That you're driving me crazy

Look at me girl I'm a fool
I make you smile
But I know I can't have you
And I stare at the stars
Wishing you weren't so far
From my arms, not alone
But I'm sick of being lonely

I try to love someone else
And every day I try to be true
It only makes me feel worse
Cause all I do is think about you
And there's nothing I can do


Am D G Em7 Am D G D

Chorus x2

Em F C
Leads me back to you, leads me back to you x3
Em F

by [email protected]

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