Can I talk to you for a second
Got something I wanna say
Im remembering in the first days
You would never ever leave me alone
But now it seems here lately baby
That you are always gone
So tell me what am I suppose to do
Should I stay and wait for you
My heart is slowly aching for your love
And I dont know what to do so
1 Give me one good reason
I should stay
Your love is out of season
Be on your way
My eyes are tired of crying
So what are we gonna do
So give me one good reason
Why I should stay with you
Our love is like an hour glass
You know were running out of time
How could you go and do this to me
When you know its messing with my mind
I was there when you needed me
So why cant you see
I know you say that you love me baby
But your friends, they come before me, so baby
(Repeat 1)
I cant explain, no, no
How the joy youve given me has turned to pain
See Im not gonna cry no more baby
Im walking out the door, baby
Theres one thing I know for sure
Yeah yeah, yeah, baby
(Repeat 1)
Give me one more reason
Your love is out of season
Im tired of trying to please you
So thats why Im leaving you
Your love is out of season

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