God knows you're a sexy thang he's taking everything you need I've kissed yu
Over under feelings I feel the thunder how in the hell could I not want you
Girl it don't have to be a thang I'll wait for you you'll wait for me baby
Cause true love insisting we don't have to rush at all baby
(chorus) These are the times we all wish for the moment that last mean so much
More you don'y have to do a thing at all,we take a time and talk, this is the
Way things need to be, no pressure from you and none from me, just let the mood
Set the moment off, we can make love but not at all
Been thinking bout you all the time, morning, noon, and supper time, tear you up
In little pieces, swallow you like reeces pieces come on girl you know I need
You, (and I know) that it ain't suppose to be in vain (and I know) I'll wait for
You, you'll wait for me (and I know) true love's insisting we don't have to rush
At all (chorus) repeat 1x
I don't make promises cause I know my heart gets weak, when I get around you
Girl, you'd make them hard to keep, cause you bring out the best, make me a
Mess, God knows I'm proud to be, baby yeah
(chorus) repeat 2x's

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