(F)Lannigan's Ball
10 Years Of Service
21 Guitar Salute
3rd Man In (с аккордами)
3rd Man In
A Few Good Men
Amazing Grace (с аккордами)
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace (Traditional)
As One (с аккордами)
As One
Barroom Hero
Barroom Hero (с аккордами)
Barroom Heros (с аккордами)
Bastards On Parade (с аккордами)
Bastards On Parade
Billy's Bones
Black Velvet Band
Blood and Whiskey
Blood And Whiskey (с аккордами)
Borstal Boys
Boston Asphalt
Boys On The Docks (с аккордами)
Boys On The Docks
Buried Alive
Cadence To Arms
Caps And Bottles
Captain Kelly's Kitchen
Career Opportunites
Caught In a Jar
Citizen C.I.A.
Curse Of A Fallen Soul
Curse Of A Fallen Soul (с аккордами)
Denial (с переводом)
Devils Brigade
Do Or Die (с аккордами)
Do or Die (с переводом)
Echoes On A. Street
Euro Trash
Eurotrash (с аккордами)
Fairmount Hill
Famous For Nothing
Far Away Coast
Fields Of Athenry (с аккордами)
Fields Of Athenry
Fighting 69th
Fighting 69th (Traditional)
Fightstarter Karaoke
Fightstarter Kareoke
Finnegan's Wake
Finnegan's Wake (Traditional)
Finnegans Wake (с аккордами)
Finnigans Wake (с аккордами)
For Boston
Fortunate Son
Fortunes of War
Front Seat
God Willing
Going Strong
Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight
Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight (с аккордами)
Good Rats (с аккордами)
Good Rats
Guns of Brixton
Hang Up Your Boots
Heroes From Our Past
Heroes From Our Past (с аккордами)
Hey Little Rich Boy
Homeward Bound
I'll Begin Again
I'm Shipping Up To Boston (с переводом)
In The Streets Of Boston (с аккордами)
In The Streets of Boston
It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n R
John Law
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya
Keep The Faith
Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced
Knock Me Down
Last Letter Home
Loyal To No-One
Memories Remain
Mob Mentality
Never Alone (с аккордами)
Never Alone
Never Forget
Nobody's Hero
Nutty Boston Bruins Theme (с аккордами)
On The Attack
Perfect Stranger
Pipebomb On Lansdown (с аккордами)
Pipebomb on Lansdowne
Ramble And Roll
Regular Guy
Road of The Righteous
Rocky Road To Dublin (с аккордами)
Roll Call
Rude Awakenings
Skinhead Of The Mbta (с аккордами)
Skinhead on The M.b.t.a.
Skinhead On The Mbta (с аккордами)
Skinhead On The Mbta (Traditional)
Spicy Mchaggis Jig (с аккордами)
Sunshine Highway
Take It And Run
Take it or Leave it
Ten Years Of Service (с аккордами)
Tenant Enemy #1
Tenant Enemy 1 (с аккордами)
Tessie (Old Timey Baseball Version)
The Auld Triangle
The Burden
The Dirty Glass
The Dirty Glass (с аккордами)
The Fortunes of War
The Gang's All Here
The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet (с аккордами)
The Green Fields Of France
The Kids Are Alright
The Legend Of Fin Maccumhail (с аккордами)
The Legend Of Finn Mac
The Legend of Finn Maccumhail
The New American Way (с аккордами)
The New American Way
The Only Road
The Outsider
The Rocky Road to Dublin
The Rocky Road To Dublin (Traditional)
The Spicy Mchaggis Jig
The State Of Massachusetts
The Torch (с аккордами)
The Torch
The Walking Dead
The Warrior's Code
The Wild Rover
The Wild Rover (Traditional)
This Is You Life (с аккордами)
This Is Your Life
Time To Go
Tomorrow's Industry
Upstarts And Broken Hearts
Vices And Virtues
Walk Away
Walk Away (с аккордами)
We Got The Power
Wheel of Misfortune
Which Side Are You On?
White Riot
Who Is Who
Wicked Sensitive Crew
Wild Rover
Worker's Song
World Full Of Hate
World Full Of Hate (с аккордами)
You're A Rebel
Your Spirit's Alive