This is me (this is me) this is me
Ah ya (this is me) c'mon

She stole your heart
Only did it because she could
Chewed you up and spat you out
That girl never was no good
Boy I will never do that
I love you faithfully
But your suspicious mind thinks
I'm gonna repeat her story

Chorus 1:
She's making you crazy
Makin you a wreck
Makin you follow me
Making me a suspect
Seem to think I'm playin her games
Don't you know, don't you know my name

Chorus 2:
That was her, this is me
We're different as can be
She and I are nothing alike
You're confussing day with night
That was then, this is now
You wanna trust me, but you don't know how
I'm never gonna mess around, let you down
Can't you see
That was her (that was her)
And baby this is me (this is me)

Stop making me feel bad
I'm the best thing you ever had
The only thing I'm guilty of
Is giving you too much love

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Don't suffocate me, don't misunderstate me
Don't make me pay for all her mistakes
Believe or not, it's in my kiss
(Don't say things that don't exist)

Chorus x2

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