The Roses In The Window Box
Have Tilted To One Side
Everything About This House
Was Born To Grow And Die

Oh It Doesn't Seem A Year Ago
To This Very Day
You Said I'm Sorry Honey
If I Don't Change The Pace
I Can't Face Another Day

Chorus :
And Love Lies Bleeding In My Hand
Oh It Kills Me To Think Of You With Another Man
I Was Playing Rock And Roll And You Were Just A Fan
But My Guitar Couldn't Hold You
So I Split The Band
Love Lies Bleeding In My Hands

I Wonder If Those Changes
Have Left A Scar On You
Like All The Burning Hoops Of Fire
That You And I Passed Through

You're A Bluebird On A Telegraph Line
I Hope You're Happy Now
Well If The Wind Of Change Comes Down Your Way Girl
You'll Make It Back Somehow


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