Tutto si dissolve
in un'unica pace
distesi allo sguardo
cadendo sorpresi
i giorni passati
sono la luce.

Fallin' down - Cadendo Sorpresi
Future and past - I Giorni Passati
Space and time - are one...

Dream, reality - so what do you see?
Flesh, virtuality - tell me what you need...

Two infinities
Lies and truth in me

Fate, duality - do I live for thee?
What's my destiny - no, I cannot see...

Two infinities
That's just you and me

I'm diving
In my tears' ocean
Leaving a world
Cannot give me emotions

I dive - I want to dive
To see and touch

I dive - I want to dive
To see and come

I want to
Dive, see and come...

...Inside you

Light & Perfection
Chaos & Disorder...

...Dark delights

"Wiecznosc przed nami i wiecznosc za nami,
a dla nas chwila miedzy wiecznosciami"
[Jan Sztaundynger]

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