Welcome to the modern times
I hope that you like it here
A celebration of your life
With cavian and kegs of beer

You said Wait until tomorrow
I thought you were wrong
When you said Some days we'll be together
I never knew it takes so long

So take your time (I'll be waiting here)
And I don't mind (Hoping one day I will)
Here you say that Tomorrow is today
Tomorrow is today
And wherever you go
It gets me started
oh oh oh
It gets me started

I read it in the London Times
Aren't you glad to hear the news?
The face that laughed a thousand rhymes
But never really speaks the thruth
Said the world will end tomorrow
I hope they are wrong
Cause how could we even be together
If tomorrow never comes?


Take your time..
Cause I don't mind..
When you say
Tomorrow is today


So take you time...
Cause I don't mind.. (I just wanna)
Here you say
Tomorrow is today
Tomorrow is today

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