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Subject: Re: Dragon - April Sun In Cuba
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Date: 1 Sep 92 13:48:47 +1200
Organization: University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
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Firstly: Dragon is a New Zealand band - though I see that's already
Been pointed out.
April Sun - this is off the top of my head.....
Over intro and verses:
Strum Asus4 and A for a bar each ie ||: Asus4 | A :||
Then after the bit "snakes eyes...." the chords are
D, C#m, Bm, then one guitar plays A, GMaj7 while another plays an A, sliding
Up to an F# on the high E string
Over the chorus strum ||:D | GMaj7 :||
Ie GMaj7 D GMaj7 D .....
" Take me to the April sun in Cuba. Whoooooaaaa.....
-with the A->F# slide over the GMaj7 at the appropriate time.
The chorus ends with a 'powerful' D strummed twice
Then verse and chorus again
Over the quiet bit strum ||: Bm | A :|| - in fact there isn't actually
A guitar doing this on the song, but a Bm and A seem to be implied by
The bass, and vocals.
Then it's back to D, C#m, B and chorus etc
Then final verse
Asus4 0 A 0 D 2 or 5 C#m 4 Bm 2 GMaj7 2
3 2 3 7 5 3 0
2 2 2 7 6 4 0
2 2 0 7 6 4 0
X x x x x x x
X x x x x x x
|- (depending on whether it's C#m or GMaj7 to follw)
I can't help with Are You Old Enough (yet... ), but
If any body is interested in Rain (also by Dragon) mail me...
John Laban
Email [email protected]

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