second street and broadway
sitting in a doorway
head held in his hands
looked to all the world
like he was praying

foot wrapped in an old rag
bottle in a brown bag
I saw him try to stand
then i heard the words that he was saying

he said

come on carrie carry me a little farther
come on carrie carry me one more mile
I dont know where its leading to
but I know I can make it if I lean on you so
come on carrie, carry me a little
I carried you so now carry me a little
come on carrie carry me.. a little while yeah

He stumbled to his feet and he staggered down the street
to the window of a five and dime
He stopped and laughed a while at his reflection
Then i heard him shouting something 'bout a mountain
he could surely climb, if she was only there to point
the right direction

(but she aint no.. no she aint nooooo)


got ta' carry me! carry me carrie!
got ta' carry me!

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