[ms. roq]damn girl, it is hotter than a motherfucker up in here
[traci nelson]you got that right
[ms. roq]i need to go to the bar and get me a drink, please!
[traci nelson]yes!
[ms. roq]hello!
[eddie griffin]shit, what the fuck you want?
[traci nelson]hmmm...
[ms. roq]let me get a cosmo.
[eddie griffin]what the fuck you want?
[traci nelson]damn, i'll have an apple martini.
[ms. roq]this motherfucker drunk as a mother...
[eddie griffin]thirsty bitches
[ms. roq]this a drunken-ass nigga
[traci nelson]oh, ooh, shit girl, those niggaz are lookin?over here! oh, shit, don't look, don't look!
[ms. roq]damn, what's up, what they look like tho?
[traci nelson]shit, shit, damn, they look, they look aight.
[ms. roq]they fuckable? what's up, is they fuckable? or what?
[traci nelson](laughing)shh, chill out, chill out!
[ms. roq](what?)
[traci nelson]here they come!
[ms. roq](what?)
[traci nelson]here they come! chill out! damn...

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