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D E A T H - V A C A N T P L A N E T S
From the Album HUMAN
Copyright 1991 RELATIVITY
Version 2.0 - JAN '02
Transcribed by: Mike Reeves
Version 2.0 by: death8699
For Questions, Comments, Newest Version, or Corrections contact
death8699: [email protected]
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. - palm mute / - slide up to
- slide down to ~ - vibrato
h - hammer on b - bend
p - pull off Suffixes for bend
ph - pinch harmonic f - full bend h - half bend
* - see comment r - release t - tap bend
X - percussion mute ~ - vibrato bend
@ - slight palm mute () - ghost note, sustained note
Tune Gtr to D
> V A C A N T P L A N E T S

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