Arioch, The Chaos Star
Army Of The Dead
Battle Gods Of The Universe
Blood Brothers' Fight
Dark Emperor
Dawn Of A New Day - A Celtic Requiem (The Chronicl
For Evermore (The Chronicles Of The Black Sword -
Horn Of Fate (The Chronicles Of The Black Sword -
Icarus Ascending
Last Of The Dragonlords
Mars , The Bringer Of War
Rising From The Flames
The Aquilonia Suite Pt.1
The Battle For The Great Silver Sword
The Bearer Of The Black Sword (The Chronicles Of T
The Black Sword
The Chronicles Of The Black Sword
The Eternal Champion
The Fall Of The Spiral Tower
The Forest Of Light
The Freedom Flight
The Hurricane Master
The Mass Of Chaos
The Midnight Meat Train
The Prince In The Scarlet Robe
The Proclamation
The Ride Of The Valkyries
The Ship Of The Lost Souls
The Song Of The Swords
The Sun Of The New Season (A Homecoming Song)
True Believer
True Leader Of Men
Uriel , The Flame Of God