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"United Kingdom Rest In Peace" - DODGY
Am Em
Dry as you are, creep old leaves, snip out your pram no longer breathes
Am G
Your frequency’s faint to my nose, wish I could paint what no longer grows
Am Em
Where you stood is a mystery to me, the ‘deca-nation’ is all I see
Chorus :
I’m beginning to understand
I’m getting wiser every day
C Dm
This country is not United and the Kingdom’s past away
Shall we start all over again, I don’t know, I don’t know
Bleaching light of the moon, clears just streets into my room
The dark cloak of paranoia feels one just to annoy you
Stop longing for how it used be, stop looking for how it’s gonna be
Am Em
The keys of time in, don’t do what they want
Am Em
No matter what you’re revealing, don’t do what they want.
Am Em
Don’t get low , don’t let go (12 times)
Don’t get low, don’t let go !
Don’t get low, don’t let go !

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