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"Found You" - DODGY
Chorus 1 :
C Em Am G D G
We should know better, we should know why
C Em Am C D
Selling mother nature for a price
Repeat 4 times : D / D / D / C
D C / D
I’ll be taking through a trouble some time
C / D C / D C / D
I see the end of the time through desperation
C / D
I keep on walking now I know this mine
C / D C / D
And I’ll be just in time for celebration
Bridge :
G Dm
I found you now I know that is true
Dm G
I was down and my love performed a lack of trying
G Dm
You lift me up to a fresh piece of air
Dm G
And I’ve never been there now I’m flying
Chorus 2 :
C Em Am C Em Am
We should know better selling mother nature
C Em Am C D / D / D / C
We should know better, we should know why
She makes me right, she’s unknowing
She never closes her eyes, she’s inspiration
I couldn’t get any better even if I try
Bridge and the chorus 1
C Em Am
I search a sure life, I found how to call mine
C Em Am
I found you now I’m certain
C Em Am C D
We should better, we should know why
The lonely road to my horizon is stretching now in front of me
So worn my heart is, that’s not so hard to take this exile away
I’m flying,
I’m flying
Solo : Dm / G / G / Dm / Dm / G
Chorus 1
Chorus 2
Fade out

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