A Violent God
Acid Troops
An Eternity Of Feasting And Brawling
Avowed Depraved
Born Then Torn Apart
Canvas Of Flesh
Carnivorous Ways
Chunks In The Shower
Cleansed By Fire
Contest Of Wills
Deeds Of Flesh
Disinterred Archaic Heap
Drink The Blood
End Of All
Erected On Stakes
Execute The Anthropophagi
Feeding Time
Feelings of Metal Through Flesh
Fly Shrine
Fulfilled In Warfare
Gradually Melted
Human Sandbags
Human Trophies
Hunting Humans
I Die On My Own Terms
Ideal Genocide
Impious Offerings
Inbreeding The Anthropophagi
Indigenous To The Appalling (Mutinous Human)
Infecting Them with Falsehood
Infested Beneath The Earth
Mark Of The Legion
Master Of Murder
Path Of The Weakening
Reduced To Ashes
Ritual Of Battle
Sense Of The Diabolic
Sounds Of Loud Reigns
Spewing Profligacy
Summarily Killed
The Endurance
Three Minute Crawlspace
Trading Pieces