С табами

13 Going On 21
13 Going on 21 (с табами)
40 Miles Of Bad Road
54/40 Or Fight
A Fix On You
A Miss Of You
Area 51
As Teardrops Break
Back To Back
Bad Case
Black September
Can't Do That
Can't Help Falling In Love (Weiss Peretti & Creatore)
Can't Let Go
Cast Will Change
Christmas Rush
Claim To Fame
Clouds Of Dawn
Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin)
Crazy To The Bone
Crystal Is Falling
Dagger Moon
Dark Deception
Day After Day
Dead In The Saddle
Dead Moon Night
Destination x
Diamonds in The Rough
Dirty Noise
Don't Burn The Fires
Down The Road
Down to The Dogs
Echoes To You
Evil Eye
Fire in The Western World
Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash)
Get on Board
Going South
Hey Joe (public Domain)
I Hate The Blues
I Hate The Blues (с табами)
I Hate The Blues (cd Only)
I Tried
I Won't be The One
I'm Not Afraid
I'm Out Nine
I'm Wise
Ill of The Dead
In The Altitudes (cd Only)
It's a Long Way to The Top
It's O.k
Johnny's Got A Gun
Kicked Out - Kicked In
Kicked Out- Kicked in
Killing me
Last Train
Love Comes Once
Love in The Attidude (с табами)
Milk Cow Blues (public Domain)
My Escape
My Escape (cd Only)
Not The Only One
On Another Plane
On my Own
One-way Ticket
Only Want to be Your Man
Out in The Blue
Out of Reach
Out on a Wire
Over The Edge (cd Only)
Pain For Pretty
Parchment Farm (allison)
Play With Fire (nanker/phelge)
Point of no Return
Poor Born
Psychodelic Nightmare
Remember me
Ricochet (7" version)
Room 213
Running Out of Time
Running Scared
Say it Isn't so
Shadows of The Night
Shot Away
Signed D.C. (Arthur Lee)
Social Contender
Somewhere Far Away
Sorrow's Forecast
Street of Despair
The Dead Line
The Way it is
These Times With You
Time Has Come Today (j. & w. Chambers)
Time Has Come Today (J. & W. Chambers)
Times Are a Changing (bob Dylan)
To Nowhere Down
Too Far Gone
Two Fell Away
Unknown Passage
Unknown Passage (another Version)
Until it Rains
Walking on my Grave
War Baby
Where Did i go Wrong
Windows of Time
You Must Be A Witch