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After All These Beers
America Eats Her Young
Argh Fuck Kill
Bedtime Story
Ben Gets Off
Ben Hoffman's Nose
Big Ass Truck
Black Sabbath
Christina Bin Laden
Courage In A Can
Die Sinner Die
Dream Date Of The 90's
Drink Beer Smoke Pot Play Music
Drugged And Driving
Drunk On Power
Euthanasia Day
Fuck My Shit Stinks
Fuck Satan to Death (с табами)
Fuck Satan To Death
Fuck The World (If It Can't Take A Joke)
Germ Attack
Gutter Ball
Here Today, Guano Tomorrow
Hide The Hamster
Holy Shiite
Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads
How Low Will You Go_
I am my Own God (с табами)
I Do The Best That I Can
I Just Can't Say No To Drugs
I Killed Mommy
I'm My Own God
Inside My Head
Is This How A Punk Song Goes_
Kill Johnny Stiff
Kill The Hosers
Let's Get Drunk
My Erection
My Girl
My Kingdom On Earth
My Mother Was A Man
Oh Wendy O
Old school
One Cheque From The Street
Proud To Be Canadian
Proud to be Canadian (с табами)
Release The Hostages
Religious Bumfucks
Scared Of People
Shit Happens
Shred Central
Squeegee Night In Canada
Stupid Fuckin' Drunk Cunt
Stupid Songs
Stupid World
Surfer Girl
The Idiot
The Land Of The Midnight Sun
The Spawn Of Yog Sothoth
Two Dogs Fucking
Used To Be In Love
Vine Neil
Wake Up America
Wake up America (с табами)
When The Big Hand Meets The Little Hand
Where's Bin Laden_