40 Below
A Lil' Ain't Enough
A Little Luck
Arma de Caza Mayor (Elephant Gun)
Asi Es la Vida (That's Life)
Ã_ce Cream Man
Baby's on Fire
Big Train
Big Trouble
Big Trouble
Black Sand
Bump and Grind
Bump And Grind
Carlifornia Girls
Cheatin' Heart Cafe
Coconut Grove
Cuanto Frenesi (Bump and Grind)
Damn Good
Damn Good (с аккордами)
Damn Good Times (с табами)
Damn Good Times (с аккордами)
Don't Piss Me Off
Drop in the Bucket
Easy Street
Elephant Gun
En Busca de Pleito (Big Trouble)
Everybody's Got the Monkey
Goin' Crazy!
Goin' Crazy!
Going Places...
Hammerhead Shark
Hey, You Never Know
Hot Dog and a Shake
I'm Easy
I'm Easy
It's Showtime!
Its Showtime (с табами)
Just a Gigilo (с табами)
Just A Gigilo (с аккордами)
Just Like Paradise (с аккордами)
Just Like Paradise
Just Like Paradise (с табами)
Just Like Paradise
King of the Hill
La Calle del Tabaco (Tobacco Road)
Ladies Nite In Buffalo (с аккордами)
Ladies' Nite in Buffalo_
Lady Luck
Land's Edge
Last Call
Little Texas
Loco del Calor (Goin' Crazy)
Lose the Dress (Keep the Shoes)
Night Life
No Big 'Ting
Noche de Ronda en la Ciudad (Ladies Night...
Perfect Timing
Right Tool for the Job
Rising In Love (с аккордами)
Rising in Love (с табами)
Sensible Shoes
She's Looking Good
She's My Machine
Shes my Machine (с табами)
Shes My Machine (с аккордами)
Shoo Bop
Shoot It
Shy Boy
Slam Dunk!
Stand Up
Sunburn (с переводом)
Tell the Truth
That's Life
That's Life
The Bottom Line
The Dogtown Shuffle
Timido (Shyboy)
Tobacco Road
Tobacco Road
Two Fools a Minute
Wa Wa Zat!!
Weekend With the Babysitter
Yankee Rose (с аккордами)
Yankee Rose
Yankee Rose
You're Breathin' It
You're Breathin' It [Urban NYC Mix]
Your Filthy Little Mouth