With or beneath
Or to wither and fade
We must
But never trust!

Or if, somehow, some of the brave...?
But who? Where to find? Faith

Omnipresent ground,
This valley is our home
Gore is now what drippled from the sky

Shelter your seed, let them embody
What caution is all about
Meanings of thornes pass by
This tendril - never to reach the sky

Inside their caves
(Precautionary measure)
Creeping through the dark
Disturbed by sympthoms
But rescued, and saved the warm
And choking

Meanings of thornes,
Beneath the crown:
The brave shall drown
Is it a sky that already hurts?
Into the grave
Never to be day of the brave

My head nothing else
To be blamed and burnt
And stay the same
Never the slightest movement

I am nailed unto the sky
Ravens unbearably fly
Angels unbearably cry
Cursing their eyes,
Denying the sky
Longing to die
And I am nailed unto the sky

[Text & Music: Kailer]

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