Hulec - Пuriљ, Habdбk

Schizophrenic world of feelings
perverse love of cruelty
hard decide of deeds
face from stone of own idea.

It is easy be deaf, needn't see
it what you have only one
what you want, there are no words
when your time, there was enough
deceptions, own ideas.

Sуlo - Пuriљ

You hope that the time stays
you think that all, have for you
doubled world, cynical prelude
clean innocence, murderous words
defenceless alone, mire of deception
necledness of soul, schizphrenic world of fear.

You are disappointed in you
you have hope, spred your sin
from the body, from your soul
falling down from beautiful days
when my time mean more for me
all is demolished, all fall down away
remain only frame of cracked mirrors
destruction of my dreams
nice plans delights of life
from my days remain only ash
totaly demolished earthly paradise!

Sуlo - Пuriљ
Akustickй sуlo - Пuriљ

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