Anybody Killa:
I can see the Earth startin' to shift inside out
No trace of the moon since the face burnt out
Watch the rain fall down hard and heavy
Dark black, light dirt but it would burn severely
You could call it the body of the Lotus
Hand of the magical super unnatural, keepin’ you focused
If the rain didn’t get you, then you’re here for a reason:
To spread the word to the world that the Pod is in season

Monoxide Child:
You can hear the thunder clap
The full moon gleamin’ like the eyes of a cat
The Dark Lotus is back, bitch
And you can feel the ground pulsatin’
And the haters start hatin’
But it’s all been anticipated
And we’ve been waitin’ ‘till the timin’ is right
To get bombin’ on you bitches who misguided the light
And anybody who don’t get it, get the fuck out my sight
Bitch, I ain’t explainin’, I’m just claimin’ your life, bitch!

These black raindrops keep fallin’ down
You can tell there’s something goin’ on, take a look around
These black raindrops keep fallin’ down
Arms spreadin’ to the Lotus Cross, holdin’ it down
These black raindrops keep fallin’ down
And I don’t know why… why
These black raindrops keep fallin’ down
And I may never know why… know why

Violent J:
I’ll stick a runnin’ chainsaw blade all down your throat
And fuckin’ outta your ass
I cut your body in half
I gotta be bloody, need somebody blood on my body
I need to be the bloodiest i bloody buddies and hotties
I’m ‘bout to murder for the Lotus
Black rainin’ falls upon us
And I don’t need no more therapy I know who I am
And I don’t like it playing through your brain blew ya kablam!

Blaze Ya Dead Homie:
I sit alone speakin’ wit’ the head of a raven
He sat there and told me why my life’s worth savin’
So I shot him in the face, then I shot myself
After he said that they’re tryin’ to turn the kingdom into Hell
I was appalled, put his head in my burlap sack
And just then Black Rain hit me in the back
Ice cold raindrops that look like black blood
Are falling all over the neighborhood (And here it comes now)


Jamie Madrox:
A new age, a new time
Now that the planets are aligned
Imagine a Lotus sign
Imagine da broken minds
Just waitin’ to be fixed
(With the petals of the Lotus you can answer all that shit)
We the unstoppable force
All you haters of course
Armed with the fury
And the family is the power source
Wicked, red clouds, filled with Black Rain, sewed up
Until they become too heavy and burst and I show up

Shaggy 2 Dope:
Maybe your stupid-ass ain’t heard
It’s the Pod, little bitch, and we’re back like a message bird
Lift your chin, face to the skies, Black Rain
Palms out, feel the sting and let your soul get drained
We don’t give a fuck, like it or not
Lotus up in the mirror shots and all Juggalo spots
I’ll put a stain on they little blade pieces
‘Cause when we out, bitch, the Black Rain increases


How do I know this is part of my real life?
How do I know this is part of my real life?
Real life.

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