С аккордами

Bounce (с аккордами)
Caramel City
Dr. Evening
Forget My Name
Forget My Name (с аккордами)
Get Outta Town
Heartbreak's A Blessing
Home To Hell
Hot Damn Woman
I Love Living In The City
I Want You
I'm Alive And On Fire
If I Were You
Love Is Unkind
Love Travel
Lovercall (с аккордами)
Mango Kid
My Love Is Bold
New Woman
Play The Blues
Rock Shit Hot
Samuel Sin
Sex Change Shake
Soul On Ice
Sound Of Love
Sound Of Love (с аккордами)
Sugar Chocolate
Suicide Woman
Take Me Out On A Stretcher
The Cross
The Mango Kid
The Rules (с аккордами)
Too Much Trouble
Wait A Minute
Way To My Heart
We Sweat Blood
Word Is Bond