Chorus: My heart is a part of you forever oh forever . I cant stand to see you in pain never no oh never {2 times}
V1: Its all about love and respect and I cant go on ohh. I feel like I am trapped for long -au ong. With out you in my life, In my heart i feel a knife. My heart belongs to you and that's what I am goin through.
Chorus{2 times}
V2: Feeling my pain is nothing to gain but in my heart its showering rain..... But now I have you and I am not all through but now its the same-------- I will always know I got a place to go and that's with you-------
Chorus{4 times}
Hook: I know in my heart it belongs to you and I'll know we'll never be through{4 times.}
Chorus{4 times}

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