We have tried and failed
We have stumbled and fallen
We have tried a new taste
and we spit it back out
We have taken a left turn
when we meant to turn right
We lost sight of our origins
but our past never lost sight of us
lost sight of us
It's not emulation - 'cause that's not this hard
Not imitation - 'cause that won't take you far
Not digression - 'cause I'm falling straight up
It is progression - I'm not afraid to stand up
I don't know what I expected
but I expected it to be great
I said "I'm trying my hardest"
but he didn't like the tape
Take a look at what you're doing
and tell me I'm too late
You say we're walking backwards
Well, that dead horse sure can run
It sure can run
The truth
I know I can
I know I will
I know - I know what I have to do
And now you'll listen
and I hope it won't hurt
I've seen your poison
You've done your worst
I've seen your better
and I can't believe it's true
You've lost the truth
that used to live inside of you

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