In the beginning came the animals
Then the hunter who hunted the animals
He went out any time he felt like it
Cause there was no deer tags or DNR
Then came the wife, who screwed it all up

She said:
I'm sick and fed up with this crap
You go gallafanting any time you feel like it
Last time you left with those cronies of yours
You forgot your club
Do you think I'm a dodo?
I know whats going on
Now you stay home and babysit
I'm going to bingo with my ma

After the law was written in stone
He left his happy cave once a year
To go in search for the illusive whitetail deer
He gathered with his hunting brothers
And headed for their favorite hunting camp, ???
Of course they stopped at the IGA store for beer
They may have looked stupid
But they weren't dumb...

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