Yo yo. Its a hundred and fifty emcees. Which one do you be? Count em
I met a _Redman_ in _Camp Lo_ named _Mic Geronimo_
He'd _Busta Rhyme_ anywhere he was always on the go
He used to live in _Champtown_ but moved to _Slum Village_
In a city Motown that was run by _Mike Millich_
Lived with _Fat Joe_ in _Ras Kass_'s corridor
Who had a _Crucial Conflict_ with this man next door
On a _Rampage_ against this kung fu gang
Sensei _Master P_, of Shaolin's _Wu-Tang_
He'd meditate with _Cool J_'s, and phillies of _Canibus_
Practicin the grain style, and the praying mantis
Increased his _Eye-Cue_, studying the _five V's_
And had more styles, than _MJ has got G_'s, uhh
One time, he was confronted
And the neighboor told _Da Sensai_, he didn't want it
The sensei asked him to choose his weapon
The A-_KRS_, the _Nine_ or the _Mack 10_
He chose a shotgun, since he was from Bucktown
As he blast a _Buckshot_, the sensei, he Ducked Down
Hit his _Dogg's Nate_ _Snoop_ and the _Spice-One_ rack
The sensei didn't even have a chance to blast back
Eyes bloodshot and _Puffy_, and got up like _Scarface_
(Pacino: "Say hello to my little friend")
Lettin' off a _Dirty Dozen_, now it's a car chase
Gunfight now turns to a deadly car ride
The sensei didn't see _Da Brigade_, on _The Pharcyde_
Crashed his chevy, _Kid Capri_ head on, was thrown 20 feet
But he didn't bet on
Being scooped by _A Tribe Called Quest_ and cared for
Until his wounds healed, he then declared war
Called up _Jay and A, who both drove a Z_
Already wanted, for _Jayo Felonies_
And _Missy Elliot_, who also had a _Case_
The judge will _Punisher_, for sprayin' illegal _Mase_
A Misdemeanor, but the judge was _Kurupt_
She was caught with _Pete Rocks_, and never handcuffed
Called up her Uncle _Luke_, whose _Crew was 2 Live_
They had some _Peter Gunz_, like the ones on True Lies
And these two guys were snitches, all around town
Kid who was _Da Brat_, and her sister _Fox Brown_
With only a few G's, they met _Nas at Escobar_
_Alkaholiks_ all around, with Cristal and caviar
Long Island _Ice-T's_, with only one _Ice Cube_
They discussed the _Kurtis Blow_ and spot up like intertubes
They met some _Geto Boys_, who _Run DMC_
_Corporation_ and _Dr. Dre_, or was it _EPMD_, who said "Life is _Too
$hort_we gotta think fast?"
_Daz_ 'em with explosions, shots & tear gas
Drink _E-40's_ of _8-Ball_ with _Little Ceasars_
Down 180 proof rum, with Bacardi Breezers
_Large Professor_, who teaches class on _Artifacts_
Had plans to invade the _Timbaland_, with rocketpacks
They go in crewed up, over the _Cypress Hill_
_Outsidaz_ _Mobb Deep_, and everyone is just _Chill
A _Hush_ on the scene, all you heard was the Click_
_Organized Konfusion_ was _Ultramagnetic_
A _Lady of Rage_, that was cursed with _Voodu!_
Was stung by _Cocoa B's_, _Outkast_ by _Gurus_
A _Goodie Mob_ of _Lost Boyz_ _Xzibit_ _Mystikal_
Broken _Bone, Thugs 'N Harmony_ is very critical
Scalped lots of hair on _The Roots_ of _40 Thevz_
Then write "_Heltah Skeltah_," in blood from injuries
A _Common_ sight, like _Capone 'N Noreaga_
They bomb a fight, then sit alone with Garsha Vegas
When it was over, one seemed to never fall
He screamed out "Fade em all!"
It was this kid named _Jamal_
The sensai would _Rakim_, and his man _Eric B_
Give him an _Eminem_, and made him bow to one knee
This wasn't _Bizarre_, it was in his _Nature_
So this would become the 37th Chamber
It all started, over some _Big Daddy Kane_
The sensei sold with _Slick Rick's_ brother _Dana Dane_
On east, _Warren G's_ supposed to be uncut
Chopped with baking soda, crews went _Beatnuts_
And caused a _Ruckus_, against the _Gang Starr_
Who tried to control _DMX_ Blvd.
It got back to _Junior Mafia_, who then got ill
And caused a drug trade to come to stand stills
See, in this industry, you can't have anarchy
Cause everyone wants their name on the _Biz Markee_
Yo, some are long gone, will the gunshots cease?
_Eazy E_, _2Pac_, and _Biggie Smalls_, rest in peace

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