yoy can;t handle my shit pussy nigger get hit deal wit wigs get split body get slung nigge smoke bungs and we run that shit to g.a to n.a nigger don't play we smoke hay when you in Glenn hill you in danger fuck nigger it anint no time to call the ranger you just better hope it's a angel sitting on yo side all my nigger ready to ride we in that bitch hollowering we ready glock coak coak holdin shit steady when you got beef wit me it's no pety cause i'm a hard hitter never a bullshitter chorus*1 bitch you don't won't fuck wit me i'm a hard hitter repeat' i quench yo thirst like sprite my foot is mighty might and hate a bennite i hit the block fully loaded guns smokein nigger chokein scooping on bitchin dashin off itching hitting pitchin do my shit wit nothingbut richies you set em' up and i knockdown i don't fuck around keep a frown always use the slang shoot up bang-bang predicate the weather is it going to rain do you feel my pain you don't wanna test my aim aint it a damn shame bitches gettin caught up in the game and clam you a thug.

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