Text: Kim Sanders
Music: Peter GrДber, Nino Tielman, Kim Sanders
I use to believe in something
I thought it was me and you
that we could fulfill a lifetime
and live as lovers do
I was wrong
I'll pay no mind
I'm leaving it all behind
I won't ask you what you feel no more
I won't ask you what you feel no more
I'll just pay no mind
I'm letting it go this time
'cause I realize I've come so far
if I start to wonder where you are
I'll just pay no mind
the first couple steps were fragile
till I got on my feet
felt I was walking sideways
looking for my release
lovers come and they go
when they leave
you'll nevr know
instead of a review
tell you what I'll do
I'm still writing love songs
'bout something that's passed me by
I know that I'm stronger
you think that's a lie
but you're wrong

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