You turn the inside out
Turn the inside out
You tell me what it`s all about

To make the tears run dry
You turn the inside out
And I don`t have
The slightest doubt

Cause you can see
You can see
That`s really inside of me

Cause you can see
You can see
What`s really inside of me

No doubt that I am open
In total disarray
Scary that I`ve found
For what I`ve been hoping
Yet: I choose to play
The pull of the fantasy of bliss
Lures me to your presence
Silly to fear
What I`ve missed
Thoughts into my essence
I`m inside out


Love shall not evade me
Persue it I shall
Hearts entwined my mission
The tolling of the bells
Loneley when you found me
Depressed I amno more
The games of dames have ceased
Love you to the core
I`m inside out

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