Moments of sorrow, You can't borrow pleasure from the truth
When you feel low down, My friend, Go down, Search in your roots of youth
You will find, Piece of mind, With happiness you will remember
Just like you, Thought of a girl that I once knew, In some September
When you were young girl did you loose the flag
Did someone take the rainbow from your night
I know there are moments when you only see the rain
I'll let the rain melt if you let me stay
I can give you magic, That I was born to use
And if your morning's tragic, We have no time to loose
Sitting quietly doing nothing, Magic is alive in you and me
Spring is coming and the grass grows, God is still a singing
(Even if you can't see him), God is still a singing tree
If you want to know a direction, Ask from one who know the way
But don't go casting your reflection, On one who knows
On one who knows, On one who knows but will not say

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