Ossuary for the misinformed
You´d end up being amazed
At what you´d see inside
The whisps of knowledge denied
And to think that someone´s implied
It´s a better place to reside

Take that voice of unreason
Asked that question
About the chaos
That lies dormant within

Have pondered through a pond
Of useless information
Fooled, tricked
But I´m slowly coming around

Fell for it once, never again
Ignorance is bliss
For the miner of fools gold
Can´t teach a dog, that´s too old
The motherfucker´ll take a bite of the poison
Indoctrinate unfiltered lore
Absolutely nothing

Intravenously force fed
A slave state of intelligence
Meant to break these bonds at some point
Howsabout now

The bottom line
I´ve saved you the time
Wasted on a lost cause
No longer

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