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'til I Gain Control Again
Adam's Song
After All This Time (с табами)
After All This Time
Ashes by Now
Come On Funny Feelin'
Fate's Right Hand
Heartbroke (с табами)
I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried
I Couldnt Leave You if i Tried (с табами)
If Looks Could Kill
It's A Different World Now
Let The Picture Paint Itself
Lovin' All Night
Many A Long And Lonesome Highway
Now And Then Theres a Fool Such as i (с табами)
Please Remember Me
Prechin' To The Choir
Ridin' Out The Storm
She's Crazy For Leavin'
Song For Life (с табами)
Stars On The Water
Still Learning How To Fly
The Man In Me
This Too Will Pass
Time To Go Inward
Victim or a Fool (с табами)
Viola an American Dream (с табами)
What Kind Of Love